My First Post

I’ve always loved to read great books, particularly fiction. As a pretty social person, I’ve found that my reading life has been enhanced greatly by participating in several book groups—the most recent one lasting nearly nine years. My reading buddies and I have read close to 100 books together during that period.

In the past year or so, I’ve noticed that our book group has begun struggling to agree on and enjoy our book selections. I think this is partly due to the fact that we happen to be in a very busy phase of life. We are all 40-something women, with multiple children and at least-part time jobs. At the end of each day, we are exhausted from running our kids around and overseeing our households. Eking out reading time is not easy. Harder still is getting our schedules in sync to arrange our meetings. Our book selections are critical. We have zero interest in books that turn out to be total duds, and we are choosing far too many of those lately.

Recently I read this piece in Sunday’s New York Times about how the sweeping changes in the publishing industry have affected readers. The article resonated with me on several levels.

First, as a freelance writer, I know all too well the ways that the industry has affected my own professional career path. Second, I considered the possibility that perhaps those new publishing industry realities really have weighed on our ability to find excellent books.

I decided to start a community of reading groups, and solo readers, who might benefit from input about their reading selections from a wide range of devoted readers. Right now, I’m not sure exactly how this idea will shake out, but I’m going to start with this blog. It will all stay free and focused on reading for discussion. Stay tuned to see what happens!

What would you like to see in this space?



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9 responses to “My First Post

  1. skfullerton

    SMA, This is great! I look forward to following you!

  2. Monica

    I am right with you. I have been in the same book club for nearly 15 years! We just realized we are about to read out 150th book. But in looking at our selections last year, there weren’t that many I’d recommend. We have our book list going back every year, let me know if there will be a space to post it on this cool new blog!

  3. Julia Brady Hoexter

    I look forward to hearing more about great book ideas and resources!

  4. Linda Ader

    Nice thoughts in your blog. Though I’m not in your age category or “married with young children” I’ve found after many years of book clubs, that rereading the classics has always given most of us the greatest pleasure. Trying the latest best sellers was often disappointing and many of us yearned for the opportunity to see the classics with our mature eyes and experiences. You can’t go wrong with the Austens and Brontes , et al.
    Keep blogging. This looks like fun.

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