Bring on Your Recommended Lists!

One thing I hope to accomplish with this blog is to gather and share book recommendations from people who enjoy reading.

Personally, I find recommendations to be most meaningful when I know a little something about the person doing the recommending. People read for their own reasons, with their unique tastes and attitudes having a major impact on whether they appreciate any given book. Learning about a reader often helps me assess the likelihood of my sharing an opinion with that person about a book before investing precious reading hours based on the recommendation.

With this in mind, I plan to interview a variety of readers in the coming months to learn about how they read (socially—i.e., with a group—or not) and what favorites they would recommend in terms of fiction and non-fiction to general reading audiences. I will share a little bit of background about their reading lives and explain why they’ve made their picks.

Stay tuned for some great ideas for your bookshelves! Feel free to get in touch if you/your group would like to be profiled or if you have recommendations to share.


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